July 05, 2008


Before vacation, I had started reading a new book titled Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely — a professor of Economics at MIT.
It's a fascinating book. It demonstrates that for the most part, what we think, what we believe, what we buy, etcetera, etecetera, is based not on a purely singular evaluation of whatever is at hand ... but on how we perceive everything to be in relation to something else.

Case in point: When our kid brings home ... say an 87% on a test, don't we feel better about it if we learn that her peers scored much lower? And vice versa. If our kid brings home a 92% on a test, don't we feel concerned to learn that all of her counterparts scored a 98% or higher? Similarly, reports that compare schools shape the way we feel about kids' schools ...
We may have felt perfectly fine about our kids' school but once we learn that it ranks below a school in a nearby district, we start wondering whether we should make RADICAL moves (like selling our homes and buying new ones in new school districts) to change schools!

And when we make art ... I think we think one thing of our work once it is complete ... but when others enter the scene and their opinions get voiced, I think those opinions can affect how we think about our work ... sometimes RADICALLY so.

Aside from reading this book, I also crocheted (like there was no tomorrow) on the flight to and fro, to finish the red fiber and bead necklace. (I've sort of been obsessed with them. And having fun experimenting with different yarns, strings, and baubles.) Here's one I made with hemp and washers ...
And here's one with hemp and small silver bells ...

And here's one in progress with hemp and small brass beads ...

And here's one made with a variegated yarn from Berroco ...

I love them. They are the perfect accessory when your outfit needs a bit of fiber/bauble interest. I think they're HOT. What do you think? Wait a minute ... be careful what you say because what YOU think may affect what I think about these creations. :)

PS: My crochet hooks of choice: Clover. ALWAYS Clover.


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I do believe I need to pick up this book!!!!! Yummy necklaces i just had mine on and I love it soooo much. I'll have to have you show me how to crochet. Glad you are home and cannot wait to hear more.

Is it gauche to ask the place to find the pattern for your flippy fiber and bead necklaces? So charming, special, and creative.

Your fabric necklaces are fabulous!

The untarnished truth: they're fabulous. That, of course, is my perception... Somehow I'm not surprised an economist wrote this book. My husband was an economist, and the running joke was that if you asked an economist a question, he/she always began with "Let us assume..." (but I loved him dearly anyway).

Well I love love love your twisty curly softy crochet necklaces! So beautiful! I wish I could crochet....

These are so touchable. I've been meaning to reacquaint myself with crochet, and look how lovely these are?! If only mine turn out as pretty as yours.... wait a minute--
no comparing, just create!

After seeing these gorgeous creations at Heather's Soiree I went home and have been obsessively crocheting. Since I have been amassing them in plenty I have decided to give one away on my blog for those who do not know the comfort of a hook in hand. http://sweetsistergina.typepad.com/joyful_purpose/2008/11/crocheted-necklace--giveaway.html
Thanks so much for sharing the pattern with me.

Very progressive (necklace) Jenny , I love it and the book too! It's a must read, for my husband that is is!:0

very good thinkgs.thank you very much for informing to me .good work :)

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