September 14, 2008


So with Claudine's line of products in hand, I had a really fun day of Green-Crafting.

What is Green-Crafting you ask? In short, it is repurposing "discards" into way cool art and crafting projects. For this project, I started with an empty toilet paper roll to solve a gift-giving dilemma ... a smallish gift I wanted to give to a friend that needed a bit of something special in terms of presentation.
So I took an empty roll and first applied a layer of gesso by Claudine Hellmuth for Ranger. Super smooth and quick-drying.
Next, I used the closed end of my Burt's Bees lip balm to create polka dots with "dash of red."
To finish, I doodled circles and scallops with a Cretacolor Monolith pencil, and then added small black polka dots with the end of a paintbrush and "charcoal black." Then I inserted my small gift into the tube and stapled the ends shut with a mini stapler. (A regular-sized stapler will work too.)
For the tag, I punched sheet music with one of Martha Stewart's punches, wrote a sentiment, and attached with a length of black craft floss. 
So my question is this: Is there anyone who is really actually surprised I used black, white and red for this project? Geezo, I love this palette! 
I'm so excited to announce that Somerset Studio will release a brand new publication in September 2009 titled ... you guessed it: GreenCraft Magazine. It will feature projects that aren't just Green, but Green-Chic. Because I know deep inside we want to find ways to marry GREEN with STYLE. And that's EXACTLY what we'll do in this publication! 

In upcoming issues of Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio (as well as future blog posts here), you'll be seeing examples of Green-Chic projects ... the kind we're looking for. If you have ideas for Green-Chic projects, I hope you'll consider submitting them to us to be considered for publication.

By hook or crook, your Green-Chic projects need to arrive at our office no later than April 15, 2009. Please visit our Web site here for details about the magazine and here for Submission Guidelines. (We have plenty of time but I ALWAYS welcome early submissions so if you have something prepared, by all means, feel free to send it in!) Got questions? Then shoot me an e-mail at jdoh@stampington.com.

Happy (green) crafting. :) 


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love this! thank you for using my new products! Can I post this on my blog with a link to you?

Oh I love this idea.. Every time I am sitting on the potty I think how can I recycle that empty roll... Thanks... it I can use them in my shop for small items.. soap, jewelery,or even chocolates you can also wrap some wallpaper & ribbon around the rolls...xoxoxo Laura

So super clever and love that pallette too!
Great idea for a mag, can't wait to see it!

what an exciting new publication! i will write about the call for submissions in my monthly newsletter, The Funky News, that will be sent out next week. Jessica


Awesome man!!!! Great idea I never think to utilize toilet's empty roll nicely decorate and use it for gift packet or whatever, I also got some different idea by this I can make also pen, pencil and brush stand by this empty roll. Thanks for the great idea……. :D


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