February 01, 2009


Years ago when I changed my career from social work to art magazines, I didn't realize then what I know now ... which is that the arts is in many ways ALSO a helping profession. Every day I receive letters from people from around the globe who say that the art they see in the pages of Somerset Studio has changed their lives for good.


Art helps people out of depression. Art comforts people through tragedies. Art inspires and unleashes the potential of our children. Indeed, as it was said so well in the film "Walk the Line," ART SAVES.


I'd like to thank Jeffrey Brooks and Jennifer Bobbiwash and the rest of the team at Life Through Art Foundation for this WONDERFUL award and for this BEAUTIFUL event. Thank you for working hard all year long to help actualize the foundation's NOBLE mission to securing funding for arts education opportunities for underprivileged children.

IMG_0292I'd also like to thank my incredible staff of editors, designers, photographers, and stylists as well as the large community of talented and generous artists with whom I have the privilege of working every day. I also want to thank my friends from UC Irvine and my dear friends Cynthia and Juanita who are here this evening.


And most of all my beloved Gerardo and our two children Monica and Andrew ... who are my biggest fans and my biggest source for meaning, love and inspiration. And to everyone gathered this evening, I thank you for joining hands with Life Through Arts Foundation and all like-minded people around the world who CHOOSE every day to make it new and who CHOOSE every day to exert the power of art for good.

Thank you very much.

[This speech was delivered a few hours ago in Hollywood at the Life Through Art Foundation's 5th Annual Gala event. I was humbled to be one of their honorees this year and It was a huge thrill for me to meet new friends (including the hilarious and adorable Judy Tenuta who I've been a fan of for so many years) and to make very exciting new connections as we discussed ideas to truly find ways to make a difference for the neediest among us through art.]

PS: I'll be in San Francisco for the next few days but blog posts will continue to go up every day so stay tuned. More about my trip to SF in future posts! I'm frickin' exhausted. Off to bed I go.



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~*It is 4:55 am here in NYC and I've been up all night excited and waiting to hear all about the event!
I just checked for any possible news feed- found none so
I decided that I would check your blog *just in case you posted! AND YOU DID!!!*~

Thank you for posting a few pictures and including your speech!
Now at least I can get to sleep!



Amber Dawn

An honor that was bestowed on one who deserves it so very much! Thank you for the amazing gifts you share with the world.


Your speech was beautiful, and you looked gorgeous! Congrats again Jenny!

Art does save. I know it has saved me time and time again. And so many others. Without the arts, where would be all be?

What a great award. Art can help, heal and offer HOPE. Blessings Denise Elizabeth

This made me cry, Jenny. Because this is exactly the roll art has played in my life. I was at the deepest point of despair I could have ever imagined.

Your magazines played a marked roll in my healing. I will always invest in them and recommend them.

Such a wonderful speech & so true. Congrats! Enjoy SF

BRAVO Jenny! Such a meaningful honor to a very deserving woman. The evening looked enchanted, your speech was eloquent truth, and you looked beautiful...Congratulations! xox

How beautiful, Congratulations on such a truly wonderful honor! Your speech was amazing and the work that you do is as well.

This event is truly grand and I'm glad I could donate artwork to this.

Magic and Joy!

Aww... congratulations! Art truly does save us. It also helps slay those daunting dragons that we allow to creep up, every so often.

; )

Dear Jenny,
Hearty Congratulations!
Daily I am grateful to art; without it I would be a rudderless ship right now.

Your words are heart felt & true.
We make ourselves better by creating and sharing with others.
I feel very lucky to have you as one of the mentors in my life!!
Think Good Thoghts
Love & Much More

Here's to Getting it - the award, and the meaning of art.

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