March 06, 2009


After reading Michelle Ward's interesting post about her quest to find Finnish hymnals, I found myself digging last night through my stuff to find my hymnal from my childhood ...

In our family, each person had their own hymnal. And this one was mine growing up, which I brought with me to the United States when I was just 7 years old. Music was always a huge part of our lives ... my parents were both music majors, and many of my ancestors and current extended family members are musicians. Music was the foundation of our faith ... 
Because even if you don't know another culture's language, you could hum a tune together if you both know how to read music. Like this hymn ... for all you non-Koreans out there, pluck out the notes and see if you're able to identify it ... music ... it's a powerful common denominator that can build bridges of understanding and love.
PS: If you open my hymnal, you'll see my name on the lower row written in Korean. The first of the three characters is actually my family name: Doh. And in Korea, you write your family name first. My "first name" was phonetically "Jinmi." So when I came to America, I was told that the family name goes after your "first name" so I learned how to write out "Jinmi Doh" above my Korean name ... with my right hand! I remember thinking that the English letters were odd ... with lots of swirly curves in the characters. Eventually, my family decided to change my first name to Jenny, which is how Jenny Doh came to be.


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I've sung it in German many times, but I've never seen it in Korean.

A beautiful keepsake that tells so much about you. Thank you for sharing.

We, each everyone, have such unique stories to share. We are blessed to live in a society where that is possible ... and even encouraged...

HCIT? What an amazing keepsake, and how very true that the notes read the same, in any language. I agree with you that music plays an important part of our faith. Nothing stirs the soul like a hymn, especially when sung elbow to elbow with family.

BTW, can you believe I have several Finnish hymnals on the way? Again, HCIT?

A fascinating and touching post, Jenny. I loved seeing your childhood signature and learning about your name. And I'm thrilled Michelle's Finnish hymnal's are winging their way to her! xox

awww, how cute are your little dual signatures in your hymnal...love the story of how you became Jenny...another great post!

Just found out your blog, a lot of things to read(smile). I am Korean- American, living in Melbourne, Australia. How interesting to see your Chansong-ga and your korean writing. I just had to leave you a comment before I go next page.(smile) ..


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