September 01, 2009


When I was young, I thought that perfect relationships were the ones that never involved conflicts. But the older I get, the more I realize that ALL relationships involve conflict. And the BEST relationships are the ones where involved parties make a commitment to work through conflicts, one step at a time. 


To arrive at peace and to reach resolutions, we need to untangle each knot, look each other in the eye, listen actively, honestly examine our own selves and our behaviors, assess our values, have courage to face and engage in difficult dialogues, clarify misunderstandings, apologize for wrongs, agree to disagree, and WORK IT OUT.  

In my opinion, if you don't want conflicts, then don't have relationships. If you want relationships, make a commitment to resolve conflicts ... because I guarantee you that they'll come up in every relationship. 

PS: If you think you have a relationship because you're always flying under the radar and avoiding conflicts, think again. There may not really be one there. 


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This is a great comment. I am so glad that I came to visit your blog today! I love how you have taken a current thought and infused art into it.
Thank you for the post!


Yes to all of it. It's true. The conflicts will always be there, it's part of being human. What is important is HOW we approach (and resolve) conflicts -- just the way you describe it.

Yep, you've said it perfectly. It takes guts to have "real" relationships, but once you've figured out how to get through the tough spots, you'll get to enjoy the sweet spots.

Love that you see things the same way!

Another totally awesome post Jenny! Thanks for my dose of morning encouragement for the day. Take care, Sue

"The truest life is not the mess free one it is the one with the picture of you with a broom in your hand." ~Amy Sperry Faldet
Truth, truth, truth dear one. Great post.

thanx for this - and more.
xo ~cOnNie

Hello Jenny,

Great thinking!

~ Gabriela ~

Jenny, your blog is such a great source of nourishment in so many different ways (including the literal kind...honeycrisp apples,Trader Joe's vanilla Greek yogurt and pesto sausage, Big Red, Clif Bars...I discovered them all here and OMG, sooo good!) And, like this post and many others, you brilliantly feed our emotional spirits too. Many thanks for it all! xox

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