October 01, 2009


The other day, Johanna shared with me these wise words that she was pondering. They struck such a chord with me because I SO agree with the message contained in each line.


I think the third line is the hardest for many. With all the challenges in life, it's hard to remain patient. But I have seen time and time again that patience is usually the best weapon both in personal and professional arenas. It's usually the one who is first to lose their cool, or the first one to throw the punch, or the first to cast aspersions who loses in the end.

Don't get me wrong. There is a time and place to put patience aside and take action ... when patience has been fully exhausted and/or when offenses coming at you are too extreme and too unjust. And as long as such occasions remain extremely rare, action needs to be executed with enough strength to ensure effectiveness.

In other words, don't ever be the first to strike. But if it is necessary, strike hard and with exact precision so that you only have to strike once.


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Hello Jenny,

Love this post!

~ Gabriela ~

I love it too! And I love even more that you sent these words to Deb Hodge. It meant a lot to her.

So true. Thank you!

So powerful - very well said.

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