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January 27, 2010


Too. Tired. To. Write. In. Full. Sentences. Fragments are what I'll use. My final CHA report. Met Jenny Barnett Rohrs of Craft Test Dummies. Hilarious.


A gal with many personality facets. Future. Curator.

Silly Jenny was my favorite.


Witnessing the silliness were Maggie ... and Erik Workman. Both from ProvoCraft.


Next I played with pens. With the good folks at Copic. Totally hot pens. Marianne likes markers.


The Crafty Chica was wrapping things up. With her precious daughter, Maya. So sweet.

Rebecca Krahula ... a blast from the past. So good to connect with her. Lots we caught up on. Lots we reminisced about. What a story she has to share. Soon on CRESCENDOh.


Donna Downey. Can she be any cuter? Her story also to come to CRESCENDOh.

OK. Got my wind back. Full sentences are returning ...

As CHA 2010 comes to a close, I find myself ever grateful for the tremendously supportive response from artists and business leaders, who are all cheering on the launch of CRESCENDOh.com. 

The lesson I've learned through it all is this: work hard. ALWAYS WORK HARD. And always be committed to quality and attention to details. Because when you do, you create a foundation of credibility that can weather anything ... a foundation upon which you can construct with unbridled imagination, your destiny. 

Blessed am I.


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Well done on getting through all of the FIVE DAYS! Your head must be spinning with new ideas, people you've met and the excitement of it all.

Thanks for the reports.

Amen to your last paragraph.

That is SO CUTE! JBR totally rocks. Love her.

Hello Jenny, I have been following your blog for a little while now and just love it! This week I feel as if I have been to CHA with you which has been so much fun! (Especially as I am here in the UK!) I feel as if I have made some new acquaintances and certainly have bookmarked some more gorgeous blogs to revisit. Thank you so much for all you share. I am really excited to hear more about Cresendoh and today have posted links to your blog from mine telling folk all about you and showing a little crafty goodness I was inspired to do as a result of one of your posts. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Jenny, I too have been following you and especially this past week have SO enjoyed being at CHA with you ~ every step of the way!
You are such a bright shining light in this world.....Yes, blessed are you, and blessed am I, to say I know you =)

are you due for a rest now... or was visiting CHA your holiday? You are so lucky to know these folks and we are lucky you are bringing them along to Crescendoh..... Ciao

I love that what you learned quote, I am copying it for my quote file :)

thanks Jenny


Aww!Thanks for adding our goofy pics. Could I get link to www.CraftTestDummies.com? Woot! Thanks!

I have really enjoyed my time here - just drooling over all the links and photos, and I am so interested in Art Saves - I will be reading more {coffee in hand} and hopefully I will understand more of what you are doing - You will have a website soon that Artists can order from? I am so excited! I have been a fan of yours for quite some time, and I just added your Widget to my Blog ~ P.S. - I just love your Blog!! Have a wonderful Friday & Peaceful Weekend, xo Sherri

So glad we got to meet up finally! So excited for what's happening with Crescendo...and getting some sleep. ;)

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