March 14, 2014

New Abstract Paintings on Paper

I've been having fun making abstract paintings with acrylic paints and inks on paper. I'm happy to share full and detail shots here and humbly offer them here.





IMG_8202 IMG_8173





March 12, 2014

Announcing :: Amy Tangerine in Studio Crescendoh April 12th!

I'm super happy to announce a brand new class in Studio CRESCENDOh scheduled for April 12th, titled Mixed Media Delight by Amy Tangerine. It's a 3-hour class where Amy will teach each participant very sweet methods ... with watercolors, hand embroidery stamping, washi tape, and more, to create three unique mini journals.

Untitled-6I hope you'll join me and Amy for a wonederul morning of fun as we maek friends and make sweet and meaningful art together.

Enrollment is open here.

Photo 1-5


March 10, 2014

Announcing :: Paper Doll Adventures with Lisa Guerin

It is with great happiness that I announce a brand new workshop coming to Studio Crescendoh on Saturday, May 12rh with artist Lisa Guerin titled Paper Doll Adventures.

404437_10200456329313416_1153861295_nWe will spend a day with the lovely and talented Lisa Guerin who will teach us all the tips and tricks that she has perfected over the years on how to create beautiful paper dolls. Lisa is a lover of paper and has a knack that few others have, of turning the tiniest scraps of paper into something magically beautiful.


I hope you'll join me, Lisa, and the rest of the learners who will gather for Paper Doll Adventures in Studio CRESCENDOh. Enrollment is now open here.


March 07, 2014

Beauty and Melancholy

Every day, I wake up with anticipation as I think about what new thing I will get to see through the wonders of painting. When I really get to see ... without inhibitions, what I see is achingly beautiful and laced with melancholy. This life. It is so relentlessly strong and delicate.

Photo-62This painting is one that my late brother, Jinil made. It's beautiful, don't you think? And it's a little sad and and lonely and scary. I think he did a great job capturing the essence of this marvelous scene from nature. This fragile life.


March 03, 2014


 I frequently think about the story that my life will tell. The story of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. The story of a woman who was born a baby and who thought she'd be a little girl forever.

I think about the various people I intersect with as I'm playing out different parts of my story. What do those people who get to see part of me think my story is? Like the bank teller who always talks to me about fitness when she sees me in my workout gear. What does she think my story is? Or the server at my favorite deli who knows my order by heart. What's my story in her eyes? And why the heck am I at that deli so often ordering that same broccoli salad and coffee every time I'm there? "What is it exactly that that Asian woman with paint stains on her shirt doing anyway?" she must be thinking.

"And there she is again, next to that pianist, listening sincerely and daydreaming intently. What is her story?"

But what about the pianist? What's his story? Does he play the piano all the time? Or just at night? Does he have children? Does he like broccoli salad and coffee? And who's that guy standing behind him with the envelope? What's his story? How did we all get here?

Photo 1I wake up most mornings wondering what new thing about the universe I'll get to see through art. Sometimes, I want to be regimented and explore things on a list ... like let's explore nature, and then let's explore childhood, and then let's explore motherhood. Or something like that. Because I think to myself that my story should go around those loops ... in an orderly sort of way.

But more times than not, I find myself meandering off of my lists ... as I step into abstractions where I find the most amazingly fantastical things that are beyond the confines of what I think my story is or how I think the rest of it should be steered.

It's within those abstractions where new stories get birthed ... and where I can see the tiniest kernels that all relate.

I like that. Meandering off, that is. I like letting myself be less chronological, less literal, less orderly, less obvious, and less list-oriented ... and allow myself to step into the portals of abstractions to discover new and different, where reality and imagination dance together to help me express my story. A story that continues to become. Photo 2

Free Motion Stitched Log Cabin Square

Here's a little free motion sttiched work I did on a vintage log cabin quilt square. As much as I like the way it looks on the right side ...

Photo 4

I also love the way it looks on the back side. So cool.

Photo 5And with a little metal clip, I can enjoy either side.

Photo 2


March 02, 2014

The Dress and Fox

New Painting: The Dress and Fox (and a couple of detail shots)

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 1

Quarter Can of SPAM

 Another painting in my SPAM series. :) This one I call The Quarter Can.



Photo 5

February 27, 2014

The Expensive Coat

 The expensive coat.

Photo 1

Photo 3

Photo 2

Memories of SPAM

I grew up eating lots of SPAM. It was one of those go-to food items that my mom had on hand in the new land called America that we embraced in 1974. I think it was a comforting food item for Korean immigrants like us ... something that was so American yet so universal.

SPAM was cut into slices or into chunks and pan-fried and then served with rice, seaweed, and sometimes a fried egg. Sometimes, I wrapped rice and spam with seaweed to make into small rolls. Heaven.

Yes, fat, salt, and sugar aren't healthy for you (one can contains 96 grams of fat, 1,080 calories, and 4,840 grams of sodium!) but they are delicious. :)

Photo-53By the time I got married and had children, I became a nutrition label reading person and so I haven't had SPAM since childhood nor have I ever served it for my kids.

But I still think of SPAM with such fondness. The way it smelled, the way it tasted, the way it comforted me while growing up.

IMG_7324When I look at the cans in the grocery store these days, they still warm my heart. When I hold one in my hands, it feels so nice and friendly. The curved edges and the petite size of the can make it feel like it was designed by the same team that designed my iPhone. Compact, cute, and simply dandy.

IMG_7325I've been fascinated to hear people's SPAM stories. My friend Kerri says she grew up eating it by dipping pieces into applesauce!  Others have recollected SPAM sandwiches, SPAM friend rice, breaded and deep-ried SPAM, and a SPAM salad with cheese, mayo and pickle relish that would make the rememberer gag as a little girl.



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