February 21, 2017

#resistancelog (Nicety Nice Edition)

NiceFascist45 loves people who are nice to him. He points out all the time that since (fill in the blank) was nice to him, we should love (fill in the blank). That (fill in the blank) could be someone like Sean Hannity ... or Mike Pence ... or Vladimir Putin. Fascist 45 also despises with a vengeance people who he thinks are not nice to him. And when he feels someone has been mean to him or his people, it's an all out attack ... from Meryl Streep, to Nordstrom, to the American media (including NYTimes, NBCNews, ABC, CBS, and CNN) as he goes for their jugular.

But what IS nice? What does that mean and what weight should nice have in setting domestic and foreign policy? If a kleptocratic terrorist like Putin is nice to Fascist 45 by complimenting him or hacking into our election to find ways to help Fascist 45 win ... does that mean that we ought to feel good about Putin just because he has been "nice" to Fascist 45? Be nice back to Putin who kidnaps, tortures and murders his political opponents and hacks into our election process?

And when Fascist 45 feels an American company isn't being nice to his daughter for no longer carrying her shoes, he uses a worldwide platform to go after that company, to single it out and harass them for making a business decision. And his disgusting son joins in by encouraging Americans to cut up our Nordstrom cards.

To me, being nice is synonymous to being courteous. It's letting a car merge in rather than speeding up to cut off that car for no reason. But just because courtesy is practiced on the freeway doesn't mean that world views become aligned. After all, true courtesy lets all cars (whether blue or red) merge in. That's courtesy.

Fascist 45 was elected to be the leader of the free world. When a journalist investigates facets of his world view as translated into policies and procedures, it's not because they are being mean. It's not because they are being nice. It's because it is their job to be relentless, rigorous and free.

Especially toward women, there's a lot of pressure to be nicety nice. To smile. To be kind. I can be all that. Especially on the freeway. Because that's the way I was raised. But when Fascist 45 and his team continue to champion a world view that dangerously steers our world into the dark ages,

I resist.

For me, resistance involves a lot of tears and heartache. It takes a lot of work. Thankfully, resistance also involves deep satisfaction in knowing that I am living life not obliquely, but honestly, and straight from the heart. Thank you to the many resistors who inspire me and help me feel the opposite of alone.

PS: My cute little black dress? It's from Nordstrom ... one of the best American companies known for their awesome customer service that employs thousands of American workers.





446 All I Need is Less

Is less

446 All I Need is Less
16x20 inches :: original acrylic painting on canvas board
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This is the second demo painting I made while teaching today, born out of my demo about how I approach figure drawing, which is always with the breasts then torso. Once that happens, everything else falls into place, including little black dresses. The sentiment is one that I feel so much lately, especially after having watched the documentary titled Minimalist ... about living a richer life by consuming less.

445 Boots

Paper doll445 Boots
18x24 inches :: original acrylic painting on stretched canvas
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This is the demo painting I made while teaching a private painting lesson today. I referenced a photo from the @freepeople catalogue and rather than do my usual drawing by using grids, I didn't use any grids at all and allowed myself to get abstract, exaggerated and kinda magical. So much fun.


February 20, 2017

444 Doggy Paddle

444 Doggy Paddle
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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This is my demo painting from today's private painting session that I taught. I've referenced this subject before for a painting ... such a beautiful dog doing his paddle. There is always so much to learn when practicing subjects that are partially submerged in water.

February 19, 2017

443 There, Not There

Therenotthere443 There, Not There
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I woke up determined to make two paintings today. For this second work of the day, I practiced what I teach when I teach portrait work, which is to find ways to have the subject there, but not there.

It's all about accurate proportions with an economy of strokes that make the subject not so explicitly there but expressively and emotionally there. Not easy but something I love.

442 Petals and Kumquats

Rose and kumkwats442 Petals and Kumquats
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I used the same rose I referenced yesterday but this time placed in a cute little yogurt jar, along with a bundle of kumquats from the deconstructed floral arrangement.

February 18, 2017

441 Garden Rose

Garden rose441 Garden Rose
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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I recently bought a beautiful arrangement of flowers from @lavendersflowers and decided to use just one of the beautiful garden roses from that arrangement to reference for today's painting. I've taken lots of reference photos of the actual arrangement as well as other photos of the arrangement that I deconstructed so I'm super happy that I have several other ideas for future paintings. Ideas for paintings. They are gold. And these days, my lifeline. And here's a little poem in honor of these days ...

I'll get up
cause I have an idea for a painting.
I'll get up
cause I saw those heels in the window winking.

And maybe with that idea
I'll paint things different.
And with those heels maybe
see you beguiled

I'll get up
cause I have an idea for a painting
for resisting
for fighting
for flirting
for living.

February 17, 2017

440 Coffee & Cashews

Coffee and cashews440 Coffee & Cashews
6x6 inches :: original oil painting on gessobord
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Had such a lovely time teaching a private oil painting session to a person who has never oil painted before. We decided to keep it "simple" with a simple still life. Even so, compositions that appear uncomplicated have their own set of challenges, and it was a joy to see so much hard work and success unfold for this new painter.


#resistancelog (Derivative Edition)


When I started with my activism in resistance to the current fascist regime, I used to get pretty rattled by fascist-loyalists who would attack me online. The way I dealt with it was to not back down and reply back to all the punches with compliments ... compliments that I'd relay to the fascist-loyalists on behalf of peas. Yeah, you know the tiny green round legume. I loved how this irked the fascist-loyalists. "How dare you tell me that peas think I'm smart?!" they'd huff and puff with their pea brains as they all eventually became split pea soup before they would drip away from me.

I've learned that by not backing down and being true to who I am (and using tools like satire and logic and well-readness) is the best way to make split pea soup. Yesterday, I did get a fascist-loyalist named Yvette who stopped by my FB page who said many things including this:

"We are all Americans and if you don't appreciate ALL the opportunities that this great Country has to offer then maybe you need to think about moving."

I couldn't believe it. Think about moving out of my country?! At that moment, it felt right that rather than sending a compliment on behalf of peas, I simply told her to:

"Fuck off."

To which she stated her commitment to pray for those that feel oppressed. To which I said, "Go ahead and pray to the derivative of Jesus."

My activism is based on who I am, and how I feel. Who I am includes a pretty deep understanding of the Bible. I've read the entire book more than once. I know many passages and all the books within the Bible by memory, including the Old Testament, which is organized according to the Pentateuch, History, Wisdom, Major Prophets, and Minor Prophets. Pentateuch is a Greek word that means "five books" which makes sense because it includes the first five books of the Old Testament which are: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I won't bore you with the rest of the books. You get the picture.

I also understand who it is that fascist-loyalists pray to, which is not Jesus at all. Jesus—the dark-skinned radical who fought for economic and social justice for the poor and disenfranchised. The fascist-loyalists pray to a distorted DERIVATIVE of Jesus—the light-skinned, blue-eyed, capitalist who champions walls to keep dark-skinned people at bay, gives tax breaks to wall street and finds ways to punish women who try to control their own bodies.

And as Alan (my friend from high school)  preaches from the pulpit to his congregation in Chicago, integrity comes from being what you are. And who I am ... is clearer than ever before ... with no fear of pointing out the hypocrisy and hatred toward the "other" that is at the heart of the fascist regime and its loyalists who distort and erect derivatives of truth. 

February 16, 2017

Fangs & Flaws, A Conversation With:

RedlineDear friends:
I am honored and privileged and extremely thrilled to be leading a discussion with Redline Design on March 16, 2017, in Reno, Nevada. It'll be an intimate setting where we talk about the creative process, and the journey that I've been on, to pursue art with complete freedom, deep meaning, and uncensored expression. It's a never-ending journey, really.

If you are able, I hope you'll join me for this special experience where we will dive deep, raise a glass, nibble on treats, listen to each other, and leave with greater resolve to pursue lives where we the quality of light we shine onto our efforts is so lucid and bright that we can't help but find and express the truth of who we are.

Here is the link to enroll for this event. On the following days, I will be teaching a couple of painting classes for those who are able to extend their stay in Reno to paint with me as follows:

Looking forward to seeing you in Reno!


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